Drama Classes

Developmental Classes

Students from 5yrs and over start in weekly 50minute, or a 1hr 20 minute developmental class learning drama basics with other children/young adults around their own age.

Performance Classes

Children who have attended classes regularly for at least one year, often longer depending on age and personal development, and who continue to show enthusiam and commitment, are taken into our First performance classes which are held on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon/evening.

After at least one year of regular attendance in our Performance One classes children move into our Performance Two classes. This makes them eligible to participate in our major productions.

The movement of students through the classes is at the discretion of the Principal in consultation with the Deputy Principal.

A range of productions is offered each year, including musicals offering singing and dancing roles, to best showcase individual natural talents and inclinations.

Offstage Theatre Classes

Aimed at the requirements of teenagers 15yrs + and older students, these classes prepare students to both act in, and take on challenges in the broader aspects of productions such as stage management, lighting, choreography, costume and set design.

Trinity College Speech & Drama Classes

These are small classes following the speech and drama curriculums of Trinity College with the option of sitting their exams when they are ready during the year.