Our People

Fiona Bailey

Dip Tchg., B Ed.,Dip Drama

A trained primary school teacher, Fiona taught at Bailey Road School before deciding to devote her full time to HCYT.  For many years Fiona was Deputy Principal for HCYT.  In this role she was responsible for tutor training and supervision as well as teaching and administration roles.  In 2004 she was appointed Principal of the organisation.  After 34 years of service to HCYT. Fiona is well equipped for her role of Principal.

Gair McRae

B.A., A.R.C.T., Dip Drama, RTSCA.(N.Z. Inc.)

Gair first trained as a primary school teacher and during early teaching years established the Huntly Children's Theatre.  In 1966 she completed her Speech and Drama Teacher's qualifications at the University of Toronto, Canada and in the late 1970’s a B.A. in English and History, and a Drama Diploma at Auckland University.  Gair has been teaching for over 50 years.

Kelly Raos

Tutor training; ATCL - Trinity College London

Kelly has worked for HCYT for over 18 years now.  She began as a part time tutor and in 2011 she took on the full time role of senior tutor.  In 2014 she moved into her current role of Deputy Principal.  Kelly directs, teaches many of our drama and speech classes and covers some of the theatre's administration tasks.  

Libby Giddey

Libby, a trained primary school and early childhood teacher, does occasional relieving in early childhood institutions, but now works more extended hours for HCYT.  Libby is available at our office on Mondays 1.00pm-6.00pm, Tuesdays 3.30pm-6.00pm, Wednesdays 3.00-7.00pm, Thursdays 3.00pm - 5.30pm, Fridays 3.30-8.30pm.

Michelle Field

Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts

Michelle came through HCYT's classes herself as a child and young adult.  She has been our Stage Manager for many years and in 2018 began tutoring for us.  In 2019 Michelle joined our permanent staff.  Michelle's job involves teaching and administrative tasks.

Our History

Howick Children's and Youth Theatre is an incorporated society formed to manage the affairs of Offstage Youth Theatre and the Children's Theatre, formerly Uxbridge Children's Theatre.

The Uxbridge Children's Theatre, was established as an integral part of the Uxbridge Centre's activities in 1982. Offstage Youth Theatre grew out of the success of the Children's Theatre. It was formed in 1985 to cater for a large group of long term students 15 and upwards, and a growing number of youth from outside.


Initially administered by Uxbridge Community Projects Incorporated, the successful development and growth of the two theatre groups led to the decision to establish the Howick Children's and Youth Theatre Inc. (HCYT) as a separate society, in 1996 and to move our classes into commercially
leased premises.

Since HCYT became established as an independent society the popularity of its programmes and the numbers enroled in classes have steadily increased. In order to secure the future of the society, the HCYT management committee had been exploring the possibility of purchasing a building. If this could be achieved, money allocated to lease and rental payment could be freed up for the creative needs of the society. It was discovered that this was not a viable option for a community organisation.  However in 2007 the opportunity arose to submit to council an expression of interest for the Old Star of the Sea Building. After an indepth assessment process of all the applications HCYT was chosen as the preferred tenants. This began a very busy but exciting time preparing for our shift to our new home. At the end of April 2008 HCYT moved into the new buildings and started classes at the beginning of May. This move from Commercial premises to Council owned ones has made a huge difference to HCYT and has helped ensure the financial viability of the organisation. We enjoy a positive relationship with Auckland Council.